Rollercoaster Rush

Rollercoaster Rush
Rollercoaster Rush

Rollercoaster Rush is an old flash game, but since flash is no longer available you can play Rollercoaster ride, which is quite similar.

Playing a game with just two controls on your keyboard will be a wonderful experience right? You will be leading the career as a brakeman in this game. Show your talent by riding the available 25 snaky tracks using left and right arrow keys of your key board. On the right top of the screen your total earned points in the country will be displayed.

Every time you increase your score for gaining three stars, a new level will be unlocked. Use the left key wisely for applying brakes wherever you find the speed is high and car is having the chances of getting toppled. Use the right arrow key to increase the speed giving the passengers a fantastic experience.

The more the passengers in the fan get happier the more points you earn. As the points increase your will get 3 stars which are required to clear the level.  Use the menu button at the top of the careen to pause the game at any point of the game.

How to earn more points?

While playing the game all you have to do for earning the points is observing the reactions of the passengers by eyeing them. Flying smiles mean that the passengers are enjoying the ride. The wider the smiles become the more they are enjoying.

For each passenger on the fan the more smiles you get for a good ride. More passengers mean you are having more chances to get more and more smiles. Keeping all the passengers in the current track happy creates word of mouth among all and the number of passengers will increase in the next track.

What are these traffic signals?

The traffic signals that comes in the track show the elements of the track you are about to face in the ride. Elements will be like loop, slope and jump. When your signal reaches its frame in the game your car will be on the element.

20 Responses to Rollercoaster Rush

  1. fidhafarzana says:

    nice game but when every i take this game I FORGET THE NAME

    • please help meeee ;-; says:

      how do you foget it thogh . it iz roller coster rush

  2. Shelby harmon says:

    This game is very fun just load faster!!!

  3. Breanna Bowman says:

    I hate it!!! Always @ this website!!! Ahh!!!

  4. Navy Zebra says:

    How do you get to the next level??

    • cecce says:

      do not go fast in you will see a lil thing at the bottom on the rollercoster in you just push it that how you get to the next level:)

  5. chloe says:

    this is a brillant game i love it

  6. cecce says:

    the funest game I ever played but not some funny because I when:):0 not so happy

  7. Janine says:

    Best game ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. maryamgul says:


  9. Dacchu says:

    i love it

  10. amara says:

    hello everyone best game ever in subway surfers. my name is amara in im 9 years old. im in mrs.carpenter class. at Spaulding elem.

  11. tamzin says:

    it take for ever to load and it dose not even work

  12. chease dude..... I am not a dude says:

    best game ever but I wish it would load faster. its so fun except when I get down tone person then I get mad.
    I have never gotten to the next track though I have only gotten to track trick or treat!!!!!!!!

  13. angela says:

    nice game

  14. the spiders will take us all over. says:

    mmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM this game so GOOOOOOOD i lOOOOOOOOve it thanks for making it . ;)

  15. pls help me ;;;;;;;) I says:

    omg omg omg omg this game is likeeeeee soooooooooo good like omg like I would marry the person who made this ;)

  16. please help meeee ;-; says:

    this is a cool game. better hope i dont take it ;)

  17. The lawyer says:

    you’ll hear from my lawyers soon ;) good luck