Rollercoaster 3

Rollercoaster 3
Rollercoaster 3

Got bored playing routine online games and computer loaded game? Get refreshed by playing build your rollercoaster online. This has a unique experience of creating tunnels and curves in the rider’s path. This is totally advanced version of rollercoaster creator. I played this rollercoaster creator some time back and had a total different experience of online games. Now I am enjoying this advance diversion of rollercoaster creator.

How to play?

Once you start the game you will be given all the guidelines describing how you should play the game. This game is a real engineering design. All you have to do is creating your own ride in such a way that the passengers get screamed off. You will be having access to various icons in the top of the screen. Various icons displayed at the top of the screen are large loop, corkscrew, boomerang; dip baked curve, large camel back, and tunnel batwing.

Use the icons wisely to design more and more adventurous track. Keep adding the icons onto the track until your track completes. Once you complete designing the track click on submit your coaster displayed on right side corner of the screen.

If your track is incomplete and you submit your coaster then it displays error showing continue adding pieces, your coaster is not complete.If you like to change the track by changing pieces in the track then just drag a new icon over the old ones.

What is this Fear-o-meter?

Fear-o-meter is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Once you submit the game the car starts and Fear-o-meter shows how much your track screams the passengers. The more dangerous you design the track the more the Fear-o-meter shows its reading.

After you complete riding the coaster passengers give their feedback about how your track screamed them. In case they find your track not so screaming then you need to redesign the track.

Just start playing this online game and get real new experience.

20 Responses to Rollercoaster Rush

  1. destiny says:

    you can’t do any thing but add stuff to this park. thats isnot fun at all make it better than roller coaster tycoon that is a fun game. better than this one

  2. Ashley says:

    we should be able to control the rides but other than tha the game is cool. i guess

  3. George says:

    well even as this is one of the worst games I have every played, graphics and game play, I must admit it is quite addictive, and I finished the game.

    A lot of things don’t seem to work, I hope there is an updated version soon.

    One tip, don’t fill up the plots to quickly as more advanced attractions come along fairly quick.

  4. amara says:


  5. fidhafarzana says:

    bad game

    • jose antonio says:


    • ksafazal11 says:


  6. cecce says:

    this game is so … it make me sick in I do not need to paly this game no more

  7. Khalia McKenzie says:

    soo fucking boring

  8. amy lobb says:

    boring and annoying and I got 1315 people to my theme park

  9. jose says:

    holaaa la montaña rusa se cae noooo

  10. jose antonio says:

    hola soy jose se me apago la conputadora bueno no inporta adios

  11. Jiaya says:

    This game is really dumb

  12. Jiaya says:

    How do you do this

  13. ksafazal11 says:

    yeah its bad gome

  14. ksafazal11 says:

    any ways all the best for all

  15. nice game…

  16. michael says:

    this is the best game ever