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Rollercoaster 3

Have you ever played online games where in you can buy rollercoaster, shops and other entertaining assets where you can earn money by using them? I guess you did not. Here is an amazing online game where you can buy shops and rides.

When you start the game you will get an amount of $4500 as an amount to purchase minimum things to start the business in the park. The total money gets deducted as you keep on purchasing shops and rides. You unlock various shops and rides by gaining high popularity which brings many people to the park. You can name your park with any name you like.

At the left top end of the screen the total money available earned and available will be displayed. Number of people and bill days is also displayed at the top left end of the screen.

You can buy food stand for an amount of $500, drink stand for an amount of $50, balloon stand for $500, Towuh for $1000, Swingy ship for $1200, super coaster for $1500, arcade for $800, simulator for $1000, roller coaster for $1000 and bumper cars for $1000. All your purchases depend on the money you have in your account.

People do visit your park for enjoying and pay for the food they and rides they have on your roller coaster and others.

At the bottom of the screen the weather condition, popularity your park has gained and cleanliness level will be displayed. People visit your park and throw the trash on the roads. You must maintain cleanliness in the park else you will lose the game.

You have to bring a total of 1500 people in the park to win the game. You have to pay bills for the park every five days for an amount of $800. You can advertise in news paper, television and fire crackers to attract more people and earn more money.

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19 Responses to Rollercoaster 3

  1. destiny says:

    you can’t do any thing but add stuff to this park. thats isnot fun at all make it better than roller coaster tycoon that is a fun game. better than this one

  2. Ashley says:

    we should be able to control the rides but other than tha the game is cool. i guess

  3. George says:

    well even as this is one of the worst games I have every played, graphics and game play, I must admit it is quite addictive, and I finished the game.

    A lot of things don’t seem to work, I hope there is an updated version soon.

    One tip, don’t fill up the plots to quickly as more advanced attractions come along fairly quick.

  4. amara says:


  5. fidhafarzana says:

    bad game

  6. cecce says:

    this game is so … it make me sick in I do not need to paly this game no more

  7. Khalia McKenzie says:

    soo fucking boring

  8. amy lobb says:

    boring and annoying and I got 1315 people to my theme park

  9. jose says:

    holaaa la montaƱa rusa se cae noooo

  10. jose antonio says:

    hola soy jose se me apago la conputadora bueno no inporta adios

  11. Jiaya says:

    This game is really dumb

  12. Jiaya says:

    How do you do this

  13. ksafazal11 says:

    yeah its bad gome

  14. ksafazal11 says:

    any ways all the best for all

  15. michael says:

    this is the best game ever

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