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Roller Coaster Adventure

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Roller coaster adventure is similar to dream roller coaster. It is having features upgraded than dream roller coaster. This is one of the best online games I have ever played. The roller coaster here will be just like a rope way where in you carry flowers in your car. The car should be rode safely to the destination. The safer you ride the more score you gain.

The game consists of 15 levels where in all the tracks are designed that does not math each other. The rider has to take care of the thorns and bees that keep on flying to attack your car. The bees will be flying in the path of your track to attract the flowers in your car and take juices from them. You have to save the flowers from the attacking bees and safely reach your car to the destination.

Also there will be thorns popping up and down in the mid of track to destroy the flowers in your car. It is a totally a calculated track by the designer. You should save your flowers and reach the destination in time. If you keep concentrating on saving the flowers and ride the cart just like a bullock cart then your game is gone to the start screen of the game.

You use only two keys here to play the game. UP key in your key board is used to accelerate and DOWN key is used for decelerating the speed of the car you ride. So all your need to do is using the UP and DOWN keys wisely so that your car does not get attacked by thorns and bees and reaching the destination in less time. You will be limited number of life chances to sustain the attacks of the bees and thorns.

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9 Responses to Roller Coaster Adventure

  1. hadiya says:

    i like this game

  2. Elle says:

    Funny And cool game

  3. chloe says:

    this is a good game

  4. larekha murray says:

    This game is very difficult.I dont understand it at all, I dont enjoy this game like I did the other ones.I think you should make a new one or delete this one

  5. kimanipryor says:

    great game this is the bomb good job

  6. cecce says:

    this game is lame

  7. javeria says:

    great game enjoy this game very much……………..

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