Little Skywire 2

Little Skywire 2
Little Skywire 2

There are plenty of rollercoaster games on the market. I must admit, most of them look pretty repulsive. They also tend to have some very repetitive gameplay tricks which means that almost everyone plays in exactly the same way. Not littleSkywire2 though. Sure, the basics of the game is the same, but it does things in a slightly different way which will hopefully help to reinvigorate your interest in this crowded drama.

As mentioned, the gameplay in littleSkywire2 is pretty much the same as any other rollercoaster game out there. The ‘Up’ button speeds you up and the ‘Down’ button slows you down. As you navigate around the track you will encounter all sorts of obstacles which need to be avoided. Some of these are going to be incredibly simple to overcome, but the second you lose concentration you are going to fail. Little Skywire 2 does something different from the other games though. This is that it changes up the setting.

With littleSkywire2 you have eleven different ‘districts’ (i.e. levels) to traverse with your cool little flying machine. Each of these districts looks incredibly unique and poses its own obstacles which you need to know how to get past. I know, the gameplay mechanics do remain the same (there is only so much you can do with the rollercoaster games genre after all), but the idea of the different districts really does help to give the game an edge which I have not seen in any other. It certainly made me want to play through the game to the end just to see the beautiful world that had been crafted. The only downside is that the game was not much longer as once you get to the end there is very little incentive to play more apart from racking up your top score. I sorely miss having the ability to upgrade my stats to make it easier to get those high scores, but hey, this is a casual game after all.

I think the most wonderful thing about littleSkywire2 is the fact that it looks amazing. Every single world looks different and you can tell that a lot of effort has gone into crafting the world that surrounds you. It is very rare that you will see an element repeated in the game. This in my mind ensures that the game stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market and makes it interesting enough for you to play.

If are looking for a rollercoaster game that is slightly different from some of the other ones out there then I suggest that you check out Little Skywire 2. The gameplay is limited once you have completed the game, but I promise you, the eleven districts that you have to fight through are some of the most fun that I have ever had in a game of this nature. It should provide you with many hours of fun. I just wish that there was a bit of an incentive to continue to play after the completion though.

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