I have played roller coasters in which the car travels on the track like normal roller coasters do or travel like rope ways. I guess you might have also come across the games of the same type. But the roller coaster in epic roller coaster is entirely different. You can play the total game with just one key on your keyboard i.e. UP key.

The track in epic coaster is a plain path and no curves, bends or loops will be present in your track. Do not get excited as all these are in the path of your cars track. Total excitement lies at epic coaster game. The path in the epic coaster is broken and the path will be missing at various locations in the track. In this game the coasters speed control will not be in the rider’s hand. All you can do is just jumping in between the missing tracks and then landing safety on the track to complete the game.

You can double tap the up key so that your jumps on the same partition twice. Here you get extra bonus. As your car travels the missing tracks your score i.e. income keeps on increasing which is displaced at the left top end of the screen.

Extra bonuses are earned when your car flies in the sky to good heights, when your epic coaster travels on the track screaming birds on the path, when magic sparkles all hit on the skies at heights, perfect jump bonuses are earned when your car jump will be perfect and thrilling, explosion bonuses are earned hen your epic coaster earns two or bonuses simultaneously and sky divers bonuses are earned when you hit divers moving in the sky.

At the start screen of the game a display scroll is run which displays total income you have earned in the game, distance your coaster has traveled, special achievements you had made.

So why are you waiting after reading this description, just open the game in your computer and hit the space bar in your keyboard to start the game.

20 Responses to Rollercoaster Rush

  1. hadiya says:


  2. Elle says:

    Cool and scary rollercoaster. for the riders not me lol!

  3. allison says:

    kinda cool but not relly fun

  4. Shayna says:

    That a good game. But the thing is that I try get more score like 20,563 but now im 17,875 almost. Really I see every roller coaster that look like broke spread wow, and it never connent together in it. I like this game so well. :)

    Shayna Centers
    Where: At school play game Roller Coaster
    See ya had yall fun

    • chelsea says:

      Hi Shayan,
      This is Chelsea I like this game to it is fun e-mail me back if you can

  5. amara says:


    • chelsea says:

      amara I am eight to you beet my score what grade are you in

    • eiyhana says:

      you got higher than me! you must be really proud of yourself :)

  6. azreena atyrah says:

    sungguh best sekaLI ni game

  7. azreena atyrah says:

    single mingle triakle
    sipa brani try takles

  8. tamaralockett says:

    where you like in play gnae

  9. keandra says:

    i love dis game my high score is 302,763 wow i never knew i could get dis far i love it i am happy.

  10. chelsea says:

    my sister just plaied this game and she liked it.

  11. chelsea says:

    I just lost the game I am so mad and I am 8 years old and I am in third grade.

  12. amara says:

    hi Chelsea
    I got your e-maili am eight to

  13. Hamad says:

    My score is 62,132

  14. eiyhana says:


  15. ROBETTTS says:


  16. ThisGirl says:

    amazing addicting and hard but fun there should be an app

  17. first and the best says:

    this game is fun. OMG I went 3000 melers and the song was differint

  18. Felix says:

    hello, why do the people scream when they fall?

  19. the spiders will take us all over. says:

    my score is 20,3092 so cool !
    :) :)
    :) :)
    :) :) :) :)
    :) :)
    :) :) :)


      eww kill it

  20. UWU says:

    I love give me nuggets pls me love so much 10/10 I would eat UWU plase call skaskaska lol ok bye :) mom spaghetti pls kjdcsjksdkjsdkjdsjkhdsdsj love you mom

    • the spiders will take us all over. says:

      oh.. . . hi mum